Two Shropshire businesses

battle over a title




Two well-known businesses in the Shropshire food and drink industry are facing off in the battle of who should hold the title of ‘The Shropshire Lad’.

Adam Purnell, a local BBQ star and self-proclaimed ‘Shropshire Lad’ has taken umbridge with the Wistanstow based Wood Brewery for the use of his title – ‘The Shropshire Lad’

‘A Shropshire Lad should describe someone of human origin’ says Adam and I feel that the beer should change its name as it is a false description to give to a beer – albeit a very tasty one.

Stephen O’Neil Co-Owner of the brewery retaliates with the historical aspects of the beer which was first brewed in 1996 to celebrate the centenary of the Shropshire Lad by A E Houseman. ‘The Wood Brewery celebrate Shropshire Lad’s and Shropshire Lasses across the county and we feel by renaming our beer that we would be doing them and the beer a dis-service.’

Stephen adds that ‘maybe Adam could rename himself the Telford lad which would create a harmonious representation of the county.’

The fear is that the dispute will result in neither being able to hold onto the title under Copyright laws which could result in both the beer and Adam having to rename themselves. The brewery wishes to rally the public and their loyal customers to raise a pint of the Shropshire Lad and also welcome alternative name suggestions for the county’s favourite real ale!


Written by April.F